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Is O.J. Simpson a broken man? Is he losing his mind?

O.J. Simpson during his murder trial where he was acquitted   

O.J. Simpson is now entering his 9th year in prison since his imprisonment for armed robbery and kidnapping of a Las Vegas sports memorabilia dealer. His manager, Norman Pardo, said the "Juice"
is drying up in that he is now a broken man. He has becoming more and more of a recluse and now weighs 300 lbs. If he is not granted parole anytime soon, he will be out in 24 years when he will be 92.

Is it normal for someone to lose his mind in prison? What is the psychology behind this?

I am no stranger to prison as I sat 43 months for a white collar crime. During my long stay in prison, I came across a lot of books and one of them written by Viktor Frankel, called Man's search for Meaning, explored the mind of man interred in a concentration camp. Dr. Frankel noticed that as long as someone had a purpose in living, he/she would survive. If the inmate had nothing to look forward to, that person would simply die.

I don't know what is on O.J.'s brain but what I can tell from the interview of a former guard, Jeffrey Felix, that things are not so rosy for OJ since the ex guard says that Mr. Simpson keeps a picture of his murdered wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, near his bed. That would tell me that he is living in his past and not coming to terms that she is gone.

Lovelock Correctional Center where O.J. Simpson is incarcerated

I spoke to many people in jail as well and one wise convict told me that you start losing it after 15 years. If that is the case, then there is some time before O.J. loses his mind.

This tells you what life is all about in that you can be on top of the world, and in the blink of an eye, in a lonely prison cell. We see this with the first word of the Torah, Bereishis/Genesis, where, it can read as rosh bayis, or the head of the house, or rearranged, it can read, shvi to'ar, a cursed prisoner.

A movie is soon coming out about the OJ Simpson trial, I have a questions. If he makes any money on it, will the Goldman family attack it for their judgment? Did OJ Simpson have to give consent to make the movie about him? The movie news is here....

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Convicted Sex Offender caught again

US Attorney's office, Camden, NJ

A story is out of the United States Attorney's Office, Camden,.NJ, of a convicted sexual offender caught again. See attached story here...

Robert Pelle admits to possessing child pornography. He is currently incarcerated pending sentencing. He is facing between 10 and 20 years of prison when he is sentenced. He will most likely end up in FCI Fort Dix, which has approximately 800 sex offenders, known as chomos.

Every week you hear a story of a chomo being attacked or threatened at Fort Dix. On one bathroom stall it said, kill all the chomos. That is how much hatred there is in Fort Dix. As noted previously, two chomos were raped and or assaulted by a black inmate several years back when I was in Fort Dix.  A lot of chomos will not admit it and they will come up with other stories why they are imprisoned. You can tell a chomo by his demeanor. Some of them act as if they are just perfect and you just wonder how they have such dark backgrounds.

Even in the Fort Dix chapel, the hatred and fights between non chomos and chomos showed it's ugly face. I document that in Shul wars, the fight for God. See link here

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Stolen Identity Refund Fraud (SIRF) scheme uncovered

Image result for fake 1040 form
sample tax form filled out by fraudsters

According to the US Attorney's office at Newark, NJ , a man from the Bronx,  Isaias Hernandez, admitted stealing $342,590 from tax refund checks.  See full story here....

According to the article, the crooks steal people's social security and dates of birth and file fraudulent 1040 forms with the IRS, making sure to put fake information down like falsified earnings, deductions etc. so that they would get a refund. A huge part of this fraud stems out of Puerto Rico.
The U.S. government loses annually 2 billion dollars over this type of fraud, so you can see there is an incentive to put a stop to it and to punish the perpetrators.

Mr. Hernandez faces up to 10 years in prison plus "a fine of the greater of $250,000, twice the gross amount of any pecuniary gain that any persons derived from the offense; or twice the gross amount of any pecuniary loss sustained by any victims of the offense".

Mr. Hernandez used the stolen money to support his life style. Definitely not an honest way to make a living. When he is in jail, because that is where he is heading to, he will have plenty of time to read the Bible. It says in Jeremiah 17:11, when you make money dishonestly, you will lose it in half of your life and in the end be proved a fool. Also, he will read Koheles (Ecclesiastes) 8:11, where it says in a nutshell  that the sinner commits a sin many times since the wheels of justice turn slowly and he gets a false sense of being emboldened. You cannot outsmart the feds.

When in jail, or perhaps awaiting sentencing, he will regret his criminal actions.

How do I know this? Since I went the same route as an immigration lawyer, blinded by the bribery of the money.

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This is a true crime story based on white collar crime.

I have a total of 8 volumes of reading, covering pre trial to post trial.

God is with us in good times and bad

Image result for phases of the moon
the phases of  the moon represents our good and bad times

In this past week's Torah reading, we learned about the Ten Commandments. In a Friday night shiur with Rabbi Stolzenberg, the rabbi mentioned that the phrase in the First Commandment,  Hashem Elokeicha, refers to Hashem that is with us in the good times and the bad times, as noted by the Orach Hachayim. Hashem is the attribute of mercy and Elokim is the attribute of judgement. You see the same phrase in the Shema Yisroel prayer, where it says, V'uhavta eis Hashem Elokeicha. With aid of Gematria, we see an allusion this statement. The Gematria of the phrase, Hashem Elokeicha equals 92, which is also Ha'levana, or the moon. Rashi uses this phrase in Parshas Bo, Exodus 12:2. Perhaps this is why we bless the moon every month as it really represents blessing us , to help us in our good times and bad times, which are a part of life.

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Earth and Moon from same source

Earth and Moon

According to an article Forbes, it says that planet earth and the moon have identical isotopic ratios of oxygen leading to a belief that they are from the same source. 
See attached article here...

All I have to do is look at the Torah to see if it makes sense or not. With aid of Gematria (numerology), I have a clue. It says in Exodus, ki li kol ha'aretz, or to me is the earth. This phrase has a gematria of 416. See Exodus 19:5. Another phrase with the same number can be found at Genesis 1:16, where it says Ha'ma'or Hakatan, or the small light, which we know is the moon. When you have two words or phrases with the same number, there is a meaningful and symbiotic relationship. In this case, in my opinion, it teaches us that earth and moon are from the same source, as alluded to in the Torah.  

To see more interesting findings about the universe and the Torah, read my book on Gematria, called Code of the Heart ...

Teresa Giudice coming out with tell all prison book ,"Turning the Tables"

Steve Ginsburg
310.798.9111 x227
Family photo in Danbury federal prison visitor room, courtesy NY Daily News

According to the NY Daily News, Teresa Giudice of real house wives of New Jersey is coming out with a book on her stay in Federal Prison. See story here...

The book is called Turning the Tables. It talks about lesbian sex in prison, and how the movie star survived amongst the general prison population.

When I was in Fort Dix, a black man working in the building laundry allegedly raped two men, both chomos while they were showering. All ended up in the SHU. I knew one of the men who allegedly got raped and he claimed he was in prison for breaking secrecy rules as an engineer for the city of Washington, DC. When I came out, I looked his case up and he was a convicted pedophile.

I heard that Joe Giudice is heading to FCI Fort Dix. I spent 13 1/2 months in that hell hole during my 43 months in prison. Mr. Giudice will have to serve 87.5 percent of his 41 month sentence. The Giudice's got prison sentences for doing financial frauds, including mortgage and bankruptcy fraud.

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California Criminal Trio under custody

Alameda Motel in San Jose
The trio slept in a San Jose motel for two nights, courtesy Los Angeles Times

Tieu and Nayeri, captured in San Francisco, courtesy, NY Post 

Bac Duong

According to a report coming out of the New York Post, all three escapees are now under custody after the first one, Mr. Duong, surrendered at an auto body shop and gave up the location of the other two.

The people of California can rest a little easier knowing these dangerous criminals are off the street.

Arthur Budovsky Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering

Liberty Reserve founder: FBI wanted my source code
Arthur Budovsky arrested in Spain, before heading to NY

According to US Attorneys Office, New York, Arthur Budovsky, who renounced his US Citizenship, plead guilty to running a multi million dollar global digital currency business, known as Liberty Reserve, providing currency services for criminals. See full story here....

This was his second run in with the law as he was convicted back in 2006 for running an illegal money transaction business. That got him 5 years probation. He later renounced his US Citizenship and became a Costa Rican citizen

In this case, he admitted laundering 250 million dollars. He will pay a heavy price for his actions as he faces a 20 year sentence plus a huge fine/forfeiture.

Budovsky is currently incarcerated at MCC, Manhattan

cell in MCC Manhattan, with waterbugs and mice as your overnight guests

He is no more living the high life that this kind of money brought him but he is living in a horrible cell in MCC, Manhattan. You have zero privacy. The bathroom is in the same cell. It is especially difficult overnight when the cell is locked around 10:30 PM till 6:00 AM and if you have to defecate, it is very embarrassing. Your bunki would have to pull a sheet or blanket over his eyes as not to see what you are doing.

Since Budovsky renounced his US Citizenship, thinking he is smarter than the Feds, he is ineligible to go to a camp. Instead, he may end up in FCI Fort Dix, which is a low and there are bloody fights breaking out every week. He will only be transferred out of MCC when he gets sentenced. It takes about 1 to 2 weeks to get moved out once you are sentenced.

I sat 1316 days in several prisons so I know what Budovsky has to go through. I don't wish this on my enemies. All the money he made and cherished is gone, just like the ancient Egyptians forgot about the years plenty when the famine hit, as noted in the Torah.

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This a true crime story based on a white collar crime


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Amazon shares plunged...

Amazon shares plunged as sales profit missed it's mark. See...

I can tell you one thing wrong with amazon besides taking out most of the profit of my book selling.
Out of every 99 cent book I sell, they make 65 cents. For every KENP read for people who have kindle, I get two cents a page.

I can never grow as much as I would since there is no way of knowing who is purchasing my books.

Trio who escaped California Jail had outside help

Authorities arrested Nooshafarian Ravaghi, 44, a woman believed to have provided key materials to three inmates who escaped the Orange County Central Men's Jail.
Nooshafarian Ravaghi, esl teacher that aided inmates in their escape, courtesy NY Daily News iAdd caption

In a follow up to a story I posted on January 25, 2016, entitled , California Jailbreak, according to the NY Daily News. an ESL Teacher was arrested and charged with providing maps to Nayeri, the Iranian escapee. The lady's name appears to be Iranian as well. See full story here.... Nayeri befriended the teacher in class and Nooshafarian Ravaghi, 44, fell for it. If you read my previous post,this is exactly what I said, as there must have been help from somewhere. The trio could not do it entirely on their own. I was in jail too. It's impossible to do anything without outside help.

One prosecutor compared Nayeri to Hannibal Lecter, as he is described as violent and cunning. In one of his crimes, he allegedly cut off the victim's penis. As I spent my own time in prison, I came across a lot of prisoners who can sweet talk to you and get things out of you. This reminds me of FCI Fort Dix where one guy, Joshua Brady, a heavy set fellow with crooked and broken teeth, claimed he was Jewish and sweet talked the Jewish leader, "Rafi" who advanced him 200 dollars for commissary and of course the guy never paid him back. This lead to the great shmeckel check. Rafi was so upset about laying out money to this guy that something came to his head that he has to check out Josh to make sure he is Jewish. He and a guy named Topaz, another middle eastern character, took Brady to the bathroom and told him to pull his pants down. This was not the best idea since Brady was so heavy set with a lot of rolls of fat so you could not get a good view of a circumcision. Moreover, the plan went terribly wrong as there were other black inmates in the open bathroom at the time and the story spread like wildfire in building 5811. Before you know it, Rafi and Topaz names are heard on the Lieutenant's speaker and they are called in for questioning. Both ended up in the solitary confinement (SHU). They could have been charged with sexual assault but luckily they got released after 8 days. 

In my opinion, what Rafi did to Brady was barbaric, disgusting and sick. My old friend David Setelbach, a holocaust survivor himself, said that the Nazis used to tell people to pull their pants down so they can tell who was Jewish by seeing if they were circumcized. It happened to Setelbach and he had to escape to the forest to avoid pulling his pants down for an inspection. I hope Rafi learned his lesson in his 8 day stay in the SHU. It could have been a lot worse for him.   

At FCI Fort Dix, we also had outside teachers coming in to give class and they did interact with students as well. This story shows you the downside of doing that.

Like I said in my previous post, if these guys do get caught, it is not going to be a happy ending for them.  

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Black Hitler" Pimp faces seven years for assault charge

Sherman Gamble being led away in handcuffs, courtesy, NY Post

According to the New York Post, Sherman Gamble aka Black Hitler, beat the most serious charges of kidnapping and rape but was convicted of assault and endangering the welfare of a child.
See story here....

What caught my eye about this story as I met this person at MDC Brooklyn , 7 North, awaiting my transfer to the camp in Otisville. They put white collar with crimes of violence. To the government, a criminal is a criminal.

He was a very soft spoken, mild mannered individual so it is kind of shocking to read the allegations of the female witness who took the stand against him and testified that she thought she would die under his domination.

For some unknown reason, he was in Federal custody but has now apparently been transferred to the State.

Wow, what can I say, you see these people face to face and it is hard to believe that they could be so different on the outside.

As of April 3, 2016 he is Manhattan Detention Complex

update: Here is latest information on Mr. Gamble as noted above.  I do wish him the best.

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Mikhail Zemlyansky gets rear ended with 15 year prison sentence

Image result for Mikhail Zemlyansky,
Mikhail Zemlyansky

According to the US Attorneys office, New  York, Mikhail Zemlyansky was sentenced to 15 years for the largest single no fault automobile insurance fraud scheme ever charged, and to top it off, he has to pay forfeiture and restitution of over 29 million. 

He was also charged with investment fraud schemes. He went to trial and the feds nailed him. 
See story here...

this is the warehouse where Zemlyansky is incarcerated

Being that he got slammed with a fifteen year sentence he is not eligible for a camp until he has 120 months left to do, which means he will be in a low institution, perhaps Danbury, Connecticut or Fort Dix, NJ.

Being Russian, he will probably associate with his own people in prison. Right now, he is at MDC, Brooklyn and since he was just sentenced, he should be shipped out in a razor thin uniform within 90 days on an orange white bus, handcuffed and shackled like a wild animal. Very humiliating.

So what is the psychology behind making all of this money and then losing it all? Didn't he think he would eventually be caught?The answer is in Koheles 8:11, where it says that since the wheels of justice spin slowly, the sinner is emboldened in doing his crime. When he was finally caught, he must have felt crushed.

How do I know this? Because I went through the same road. When you are making money it is like a drug and the only way you stop it, if you are doing it illegally, is by being handcuffed. By then you will realize your foolish mistake. But that's too late because once the feds get a hold of you, they will crush you like an ant.

I don't wish federal prison on my enemies since it is so harsh.

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60 year old man pleads guilty in Factoring Scam

Image result for us district court newark nj
US District Court, Newark, NJ 

A resident of Seminole, Florida plead guilty today in Newark NJ for stealing hundreds of thousands of of dollars from factoring companies by making up phony transportation businesses.
See stoyr here....

What is a factoring business? I looked it up and basically it is a financial company that buys account receivables. In this case, Mr. Karl Stehlin made up phony invoices representing account receivables so he could defraud the financial companies.  He plead guilty to wire fraud charges.  

He may sit a number of years for his crime, most likely in a low or camp, depending on his security level.

I don't know what he was thinking in his brain but he did it to several companies so he probably got emboldened, thinking he would never get caught, but as noticed in Jeremiah 17:11, by making money dishonestly, in half your life you will lose it and in the end you are proved  a fool.

I also got into trouble by doing immigration fraud and I sat 1316 days for my crime and I regretted my crime every single day I sat in jail and will probably regret it the rest of my life.

Trust me, when you sit in federal prison, you learn hard and fast that what you did was wrong and you don't mess with the American Government.

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Migrant Child Abuse

migrant children under arrest

migrant children crossing the border. 

In a shocking story of injustice, we learn about the mistreatment of migrant children who cross our borders with the hopes of a better life and then are kidnapped into all kinds of abuse, slavery and excessive work. This was noted in the Washington Post which picked up a senate investigation hearing on this subject. See article here....

In what should have been normal foster care protocol, children were placed in homes of the likes of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, houses of horror where they would be subject to abuse, kidnap, slavery and neglect etc.

Hopefully, our wise Senators will figure out better vetting of foster care for these vulnerable immigrants so their American dream can be fulfilled and not shattered.

where were you when the space challenger exploded 30 years ago today?

Image result for challenger disaster
Spaceship Challenger exploding after lift off

Christa Mcauliffe, courtesy wikipedia
I remember the day it exploded like yesterday. I was talking to my brother's secretary Evelyn Gonzalez on 26 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY when we heard the news on the radio.

I was in a state of shock. Of all the people, I remember Christa Mcauliffe, the teacher from New Hampshire. It must have been very difficult for those students to hear of this tragedy.

Let us pray to Hashem that there are no more tragedies in the world, Amen....

Federal Prison Sentences are out of Whack

El Reno Federal Correctional Facility, Oklahoma, courtesy Huffington Post

An article appeared yesterday in the Huffington Post that says the prisons are in crisis over overcrowding and skyrocketing costs associated in housing so many people including elderly non violent offenders. It is basically overkill. The Federal Prison tab has now reached 7.5 billion. See article here...

In my humble opinion since I sat in prison myself for 1316 days, it is pure punishment. There is no such animal as rehabilitation. Take myself, for example, I was an immigration lawyer before I got busted. When I took a guilty plea, my law license was revoked, I got a five year prison sentence and a 2.5 million dollar forfeiture judgment and I got this without looking at even one piece of discovery. So what do they expect me to do? Wash floors? Clean dishes? If there was rehabilitation, you give me back my law license and part of my time I dedicate , pro bono, to helping the vulnerable of society.  If not for my family supporting me, I would be a homeless person.

There has to be a better and more humane way of dealing with people.

When I was in Fort Dix, I saw dozens of elderly people with walkers and wheelchairs. What threat are these people to society? Absolutely zero. I was with someone named David Solan in building 5802,  sentenced to a 30 year prison sentence. The man is now 72 years old with several heart attacks in tow. He had issues with his sister 22 years ago. The past is the past. What kind of threat is this old man? He is a great teacher. Someone like this you put him to teach on community service and you can easily monitor him on the outside. Instead, millions of dollars are being spent on housing people like this. Does this make any sense? Wake up, America. This brutal and harsh treatment of our fellow human beings must stop. See his release date below...

David Solan on BOP inmate locator

You don't need multiple year sentences on fraud cases. People either get the message the first day the handcuffs come on or they never get the message. I got the message on day 1 and even before, when they raided my former office with over 50 agents spanning the New York area. I thought my life was over. Did it have to come to that? Surely not. In Canada, I was made out as the biggest flight risk in the world. Another madness to my case. There has to be a better way, there has to be.

While sitting in MCC, Manhattan, awaiting sentencing I read in the NY Times that the biggest issue of criminal justice was the federal plea and how important it is in the system. I say, wrong. The most important issue is the mandatory minimums and the 20 year prison terms noted in criminal statutes. Why cannot the terms be 30 days? 60 days? 90 days? Can you imagine how families are destroyed over this? Children separated from their parents. Husband and wives separated from each other. It is horrifying to even think about this. There has to be a better way, there has to be.

What is really disgusting is how some companies are profiting over someone's suffering. What do
you mean? You have the rip off phone companies charging inmates a lot of money for phone calls. There are stories that the phone companies are making billions of dollars in profit over prisoner phone calls and there was a story in the Wall Street Journal how companies that supply commissary are making over 250 million dollars a year in profit. All this at the expense of people sitting in jail with nothing.      

To read the hell I went through, read this and 7 related volumes, all short....except the sentencing letter....

Subway Slashings on the NYC MTA

"D" train

Carmen Rivera, 71 year old slashing victim. Courtesy NY Times

New Yorkers have now become of victims of random slashings on subways. A lady, Carmen Rivera was slashed on the D train on Monday. See picture above. See story here.... The problem with the subway system is that you have a lot of deranged homeless people on board or hanging around the platforms. It is very scary and the police need to address the problem. What I propose is moving these individuals to shelter sand getting them the mental and financial support they desperately need. That is the only way things can get a little safer.  

Don't think only in Israel you can get slashed, you can get slashed right in the confines of the United States.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oyster Bay Town Planning and Development Commissioner pleads guilty to tax evasion

Town of Oyster Bay Planning Commissioner Fred Ippolito,
 Fred Ippolito, right with his lawyer leaving Federal Court, courtesy- Newsday

Not much planning and development is in sight for Oyster Bay as it's 77 year old commissioner pleads guilty to tax evasion over 2 million dollars he earned in 2008 from a paving company that must have paved a lot of concrete. See story here...

He is facing 12 to 18 months imprisonment for this white collar crime but hopefully, the Judge will have mercy on this old man and give him probation or home confinement. If he is jailed, due to his wheel chair status, he would have to be placed in a medical facility.

Coming from prison, it is very harsh on older people to be in that kind of environment. I was there as a prisoner and I witnessed it myself.

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