Monday, February 29, 2016

former Phoenix police detective sentenced to 23 years in prison

Christopher J. Wilson got 23 year prison sentence

Why would a former detective get so many years in prison? Because he admitted to having to having sexual encounters with under age boys. See story here... and he was appointed to outreach to gay, lesbian, bi sexual and transgender community.

When I was in Federal Prison in Fort Dix, I came across a man who got a 23 year sentence for crossing state lines to have sex with minors. He was already did five and has like 15 years to go. He is a nice fellow. I hope he gets out early. I think there has to be a better way to monitor these people. Most are in danger in regular jails.

Although I was in jail for white collar crime, I sat with pedophiles, sex molesters and all kinds of criminals.

To read my story go here....

Long Island Man arrested for allegedly defrauding Uncle Sam

Paul Skiscim, 62, of East Northport, leaves federal
Paul Skiscim, not a happy camper, courtesy, Newsday

A long island man was arrested for allegedly selling defective parts to the Defense Department. Mr. Paul Skiscim, 62, president of Aerospec, Inc. was taken into federal custody today and released probably on bond. The government claims he made 2.8 million dollars off his scam. See story here...

We don't know how the feds found out that the material was defective. Maybe it was by a routine audit or maybe it was by a snitch. You are only getting half the story.

If he takes it to trial and contests the charges and beats the feds, he walks away a free man. If he loses, he will get hammered. If he takes a plea, he may sit a few years and most likely in a camp, depending on his security risk.

Montauk Yacht Club Resort and Marina

I looked it him up on facebook and someone thanked him and I assume his wife about taking a friend out at the Montauk Yacht club. Those kind of activities do not bode well at trial as people take it to mean that he made money just to live the luxurious life.

Well anyways, in my humble opinion, I hope Mr. Skiscim comes to reality and does what is best for his life and that is to work out a deal with the feds. They say that 97 percent of cases come to a plea.

If he has to sit in prison, this is what he can expect....

Former CEO and President of Georgia bank gets 84 months prison term

Tifton Banking Company, shut down by the State of Georgia

According to the US Attorneys office, Gary Patton Hall Jr.,50, former CEO and President of Tifton Banking Company, was sentenced to an 84 months federal prison sentencewill have to sit through an 84 month federal prison term for his fraudulent actions including lying about his personal interests in loans, mislead bank regulators and lied about the financial status of the bank. He has a restitution order of over 3.9 million. See story here...

What would make someone commit a fraud? Perhaps it was greed and the false allusion that he would never get caught. It is rare to see a former bank president going to jail but Mr. Hall must have stepped on a lot of toes to get caught.

Based on the federal system, he will have to do 87.5 percent of the 7 year sentence. Ouch. He will definitely be humbled in federal prison as it is pure punishment. It is a real spartan life and you are treated like a five year old.

To read more about it, go to my story here....

Sunday, February 28, 2016

'Whitey' Bulger accused of sexual activity

James “Whitey” Bulger in 2011.
James J. "Whitey" Bulger, courtesy

According to the B.O.P. , "Whitey" Bulger was placed in solitary confinement for 120 days as a punishment for allegedly touching his genitals at 3 AM while a guard was checking him.
Bulger denies the charges. He claims he was 85 years old at the time and his sex life is over. Bulger is doing life in prison. He was part of an Irish mob gang accused of 11 murders. He was on the run for a while till he was caught. See story here..

Bulger claims he was medicating his genitals with a powder due to a fungus he developed down there. He is appealing the ticket or shot. The question is if Bulger had a bulge and can an 85 year old have an erection? There are three people who can answer this question, the guard who saw the 'act', his girlfriend and a doctor.

Does these kind of activities occur in prison? The answer is yes. How do I know that? Since an incident like this actually happened at MCC. When I was there back in 2012-2013, an Hispanic guy
nick named "Bug Out" came to my cell, flipped out over how his inmate was rocking the bunk bed at mid night. When Bug Out confronted the Somali inmate, the middle aged man said, "what do you want? I am only human." Bug Out was able to move out from that cell. Remember, in Federal Prison there is no conjugal relations.   Whether legal or not, there are a lot of girlie magazines floating around in prison. Talking about privacy, there is virtually none in prison. Even in the waiting cell while getting processed for entrance into the Camp at Otisville, there is a camera right over the toilet bowl. Is that sick or not? This is fed psychology 101, relentless punishment like the waves hitting the sea shore. The man is 85 years old, cannot they let him rest on his bed in peace. For me, coming out of jail, I feel like a came out of death, and I have been given a second life. That is how brutal prison life is. People just don't get it.

To learn more about Federal Prison, see my story at....

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Indian Man comes to America to Die

Prasad Moparti, 55, disappeared from his daughter's wedding reception on Feb. 13.
the late Prasad Moparti, 55 , courtesy, NY Daily News

What should have been a great moment in the life of a newly married couple, turned to tragedy as the father of the bride, walked away from the ceremony and was found floating in a river downstream.

The bride said that her father was suffering from depression. Was it a suicide or just a terrible turn of events? Only G-d knows.

May the bride have comfort in her husband. To see this story, go here...

This story reminded me of the yeshiva boy who went to Israel to study and whose body was found in the woods outside Jerusalem.

The lesson is to always be on guard and careful of your surroundings.

I am no stranger to tragedy as my mother was killed when I was 14 years old on the way to Canada for erev Pesach. She said she has to help her brother and sister. To read my tragedy, go here...

Does B & H Discriminate?

NY Times reports a lawsuit filed by Hispanic workers against B & H electronics store. See story here..

How much is this exaggerated? They claim that the bathrooms in the warehouse where they work are disgusting.  What if this was reverse, what if the chasidim were working for Hispanic bosses?

I remember the commercial, "you gotta go to B & H."

I was in Federal Prison in FCI Fort Dix and the bathrooms were falling apart. They were disgusting too. Who could you complain to over there? The American taxpayer who fits the bill?

In life, you will always find exploiters and the exploited. In jail, I was making 10 cents an hour. Is that exploitation? How about in the winter time, the guard directed me to get more salt during a snow storm. I asked for gloves and he had none. Was that torture to move the wheelbarrow without gloves?My hands were red frozen after I did that? Who can I complain to? Plenty of prisoners are exploited too and they have no voice of grievance. None. Is that justice?

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wacky Bear Story

Image result for black bear
Black Bear

A guy kills a bear in New Jersey, brings it across state lines to New York State, fakes the death over there and then records it in several places so that he can make a trophy out of it. The person who did this terrible crime, Martin Kaszycki, sounds polish. I just wonder how the feds found out about this.
See story here...

The article does not say. Maybe he was so proud of his killing that he blurted out the truth, in that he killed it in New Jersey. Lucky for him he only got probation. I just wish when the government gives a story they tell you how they found out. They always give you half the story.

What if you killed a roach in your house and took it outside. Is that a crime too? Boy, this world is becoming complicated!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Ex Suffolk County Police Chief pleads guilty

James Burke in law enforcement days

The former chief of police of Suffolk county, NY, plead guilty to civil rights violation and obstruction of justice regarding his physical assault of a suspect who broke into his car. See story here...

It was on CBS news today that Burke agreed to take a plea and he can receive up to 51 months imprisonment. The article says he has been in federal custody since December 2015. What a fall from grace. But this is life, one second you are on top of the world, and the next second, on the bottom. But life can and does reverse. It also shows the world that we are all human and we all can let our emotions take control of our brain and we all can get into trouble, even the police chief...

I looked up his name on the BOP inmate locator and lo and behold, I found him at MDC Brooklyn,
NY. I assume he is in 7 North as I was also there with the other rogue cops. The only thing is it has the name Charles as his middle name. The age matches the article. I hope his nightmare soon ends and gets back his life again.

So how is life in MDC, Brooklyn?  I was there for several months over two separate times and I don't wish that place on my enemies. To see my story go here...

Eight killed by Tornadoes in the East

Coast Guard attempting to rescue fishermen off Far Rockaway beach

As the severe storm moved through the East Coast, it unleashed deadly tornadoes in Louisiana, and Virginia, flipped a tractor trailor on the George Washington Bridge and flips a coast guard vessel on way to a rescue off far rockaway beach in NY. See stories here. and here....

What his happening here? Has it been like this for thousands of years? Is this a new phenomena?
The answer is in Psalms where it says ruach si'ara osah devoro, or the storm wind does the word of God. See...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Clinic Owner and 4 medical professionals get prison sentence

Flushing, NY

According to US Attorney, Eastern District, the owner of a medical clinic, out of flushing New York, got a 42 months prison sentence for defrauding medicaire. Others got 16, 13, a year and a day and eight months. The clinic was located in korea town.The names are Korean sounding. So what did they do wrong? They billed medicaire for un necessary treatments, allowed unlicensed persons to give massages, or even billed for services not rendered. Basically they stole from the government in the amount of 4 million dollars . The problem is that when you steal from the government and the government finds out, which is usually the case, the government bites back with jail and fines. See story here.

These guys are lucky they did not get relatively long sentences. At Fort Dix, one guy I met, Jerome Feldman, got 15 years for medicare fraud.

To see what prison is all about, see my story here...

Astronaut Scott Kelly looking forward to go home

view from International Space Station, courtesy Scott Kelly

Astronaut Scott Kelly, who has been aboard the International Space Station for over 330 days is coming back to earth next week. Above is his last tweet from outerspace as noted on twitter. See also story in NY Post...

He says the toughest part of being up in space is the isolation from family. I felt the same way when I was in prison, being away from family.

Sophisticated Ukranian American thief

Image result for Alpharetta, Georgia,
Alpharetta, Georgia

A man residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, United States, Arkadiy Dubovoy, plead guilty as part of a conspiracy of  Ukranian hackers who stole 150,000 press releases from 3 major newswire companies so they were able to trade with the stolen information. They made 30 million dollars of this scheme. They tried to rip off the establishment but the government has bitten them back. See story here...

They say nature abhors a vacuum and I say humans abhor fraud. Better do honest work and you won't lose it. See Psalm 15. What these guys did was fall into Jeremiah 17:11, where it says, if you make money dishonestly, you will lose it and be proved a fool.

The article does not say how the investigation started, whether it was a random audit of the stock market trading, whether there was an inside snitch. We may never know unless one of the insiders writes a book about it.  

There are no shortage of  Russians/Ukranians in Federal prison. Most are there for some kind of theft. I met a lot of them in my journey through the system. Most of them stick together in jail.

How much time will he get? The fact that he plead guilty should reduce his time. Everything is based on a scale or guideline as per how much money he actually pocketed.

He will trade his luxurious life style to a life of spartan living and he will make 10 cents an hour, whether peeling potatoes or taking out the garbage. There are no sophisticated jobs in jail.

In my fraud case, they say I made between 1 and 2.5 million so I got 5 years.

What can he expect in Federal Prison? I wrote Prison, What to Expect...

New Jersey Contractor gets burnt

Image result for west new york
West New York man heading to Federal Prison 

Figuratively but not literally. What do I mean? Well, he tried to bribe a New Jersey fire official but he was really paying off a witness working with the feds. So for the whopping $7,000 in bribes that he paid, he got a 19 months prison sentence. Pretty foolish if you think about it. Victor Coca will have to time think about his crime and hopefully he learned his lesson. See story here....

Will he be doing time in a low or camp? Depending on his point level. He has to do 17.34 months of prison time, of which 6 months can be on home confinement. If he ended up in Otisville, where they give up to 9 months of halfway house/home confinement, he would only have to sit in prison for 8.34 months. So overall, he will not be doing a long time. Hopefully, he will going back to banging holes in the wall at 20 or 30 dollars an hour versus making 10 cents an hour in federal prison.

To see what prison is like, go here...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Councilman, hookers and massage parlors

Robert W. Miller entered the plea in federal court in Newark to a single count of using facilities in interstate commerce to promote prostitution.
Robert W. Miller awaiting sentencing for facilitation of prostitution in NJ  
What do all three have in common? Sometimes they work hand in hand but someone in the end will take a fall. In this case, the former councilman, Robert W. Miller, 67 years old, no relation to the billionaire with the same name,  "provided 50 fraudulent massage therapy training certificates to 25 different massage parlors located in Union, Passaic, Hudson and Middlesex counties." He provided them as a cover for prostitution. He also discretely advertised prostitution.  He does not look like your average pimp with a big gold necklace around his neck, but looks can sometimes be deceiving. He also allegedly acted as a lookout for cops and investigators.   

At the end of the day, the feds took from him the money he made illegitimately and he faces 18 to 24 months imprisonment. See article here..

Mr. Miller will sorely his massage parlor days as there is no absolutely no conjugal visits in federal prison.
In fact, he will most likely sleep in a room with many men snoring and farting. And believe it or not, he will get used to it. 

It won't be easy for a 67 year old man to live a spartan life so hopefully, the Judge will spare him the rod and just give him a slap on the wrist. Perhaps Mr. Miller cooperate and take down bigger fish and that will lessen his time in the big, men only house. 

To see what prison is like, please go to Prison What To Expect at...

Fire Insurance Fraud nets jail term

Swan Lake

Two people who tried to burn down their closed bar, Kilcoin's Tavern in Swan Lake,NY to collect 100,000 insurance policy ended up with jail terms of a year and a day and a 15 months sentence. The Motta brothers hired someone to burn down the place. See article here...

Insurance companies vigorously investigate arson and insurance fraud, one of the oldest type of crimes. One person whom I was with in Otisville got a 15 year sentence for arson and insurance fraud.

They will most likely end up in a low institution or in a camp, depending on their public safety level.

To see what they are facing in jail, go here...

Israeli Passenger goes crazy over immodest film on El Al Flight

El Al 737 plane that had unruly passenger   

According to news reports, an irate ultra Orthodox Jewish resident from Bet Shemesh went ballistic on an El Al flight between Poland Israel over an immodest movie called "Truth" that displayed nudity. He was able to smash two screens before passengers and crew stopped him. He was detained for questioning when the plane landed.

For my point of view, El Al should respect the views and opinions of it's passengers. On the other hand, I don't think the passenger had the right to destroy private property.

In any event, if this was done in a United States plane and perhaps flying over US airspace or heading to the United States, he would be taken into custody by the FBI and brought before a federal Judge. When I was in FCI Fort Dix,  one man got eight months imprisonment for acting unruly on a plane. Just think of  it, one who goes berzerk on an airplane puts not only the unruly person at risk but the entire plane is at risk. Such behavior cannot be tolerated.

To see what life is like in a US prison, see my story...

Colombian Drug Lord gets whacked with 25 year prison sentence

Ericson Vargas Cardona when he was captured in Colombia back in 2012 

America is serious with the war on drugs as the Chief U.S. District Judge Loretta A. Preska sentenced ERICSON VARGAS CARDONA, a/k/a “Sebas,” to 25 years in Federal Prison. 

What did this person due to merit such a long sentence? He was the leader of a drug cartel out of Colombia that exported thousands of kilograms of cocaine to the United States and around the world.
The organization also had an arsenal of dangerous weapons that included "69 bars of C4 explosive, over 190 electrical detonators, more than 2,900 manual detonators, one rocket-propelled grenade launcher, one M-60 machine gun, nine submachine guns, over 50 hand grenades, 28 rifles, nine silencers, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. " See full story here This gang is from the remnants of the Medellin cartel. See story here...

When I was in FCI Fort dix, doing time for a white collar crime, I met a Colombian who was sitting with a 27 year sentence based on money laundering for drugs. When I was in MCC, I met Oded Orbach, who received a 25 year prison sentence. He thought he would get like 4 years. Instead, he took it trial and the Judge hammered him. He has a release date of 2032. He will come out when he is 73 years old. To read my story and what he can expect in Federal Prison, go here...


a boy and his dog

dog Mahe and boy James, courtesy NY Post

There is a beautiful story in the NY Post how a labrador dog stayed by the hospital bed side of an autistic boy. The dog acts as his special therapy and guardian. See story here....

We see the true nature of a dog based on the Hebrew name for a dog, which is kelev, which is a contraction of two words, kol lev, or whole heart. There is no animal more loyal than a dog.
The proof is in the picture above.

My son is also autistic and he just loves dogs. However, our apartment is too small so maybe in the future we can fulfill his dream.

I document Jabob's adventures over here...

Tornado caught on Video

Meterologist Ari S. showing us amazing tornado video over a bridge

Weather channel shows a video of a tornado over a bridge, caught by a camera.

The meterologist also mentions the loss of life associated with this storm. Why? Because storms are messengers of G-d and they perform G-d's judgment in the world. See my thoughts over here...

When a parent leaves a child home alone....

Little Kaleenah Muldrow was found dead in charred remains following a Brooklyn blaze. Her mother, Leila Aquino, was not around when the fire broke out. 
on the left is child that died, Kaleenah Muldrow and on the right is her mother , who chose partying instead of watching her child

This is a very tragic story as told by the NY Daily News. A mother goes partying and has fun while her child burns to death. How is this possible? Because she basically abandoned her child. She should have gotten a babysitter or stayed with her child. By leaving her child to the elements, this is the end result. The lesson is to safeguard our children as best as we can. This lady was charged with reckless endangerment since she was not there. See story here...

The same result may have happened if the parent was home but in that case,  she would not be charged because she would be a responsible parent. In this case, she was irresponsible and now she lost her daughter and may end up in jail, a tragedy for both.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Corrupting Correctional Officers leads to trouble

Essex County Jail, site of corrupt guards

Two women who bribed correction officers in the Essex County Jail in New Jersey, which holds federal pre trial detainees, admitted their guilt to the Court. They exchanged cash to bring into the jail contraband that included marijuana and cell phones. See story here...

Is this a problem across the United States? I was in MCC, MDC, Fort Dix and Otisville camp and every place had contraband. The problem with FCI Fort Dix is smoke and cell phones. At MCC, it was cigarettes. At MDC, it was smoke and marijuana. At Otisville, it was all kind of food coming in from visitors.

At Fort Dix, the Corrections Officers claimed contraband came from over the fence but that is hard to believe since there are four barbed wire fences spread out over hundreds of feet so that is hard to believe.I never saw a package thrown over the fence.

To see what else to expect in jail, read my notes at....

Welcome to America for bribes and sex

customs patch
Well that is how one ex deportation officer handled it. Arnaldo Echevarria, 38, of Somerset, N.J. demanded sex and bribes from illegal immigrant women, one whom even bore his child. He took an estimated $78,000.00. in bribes. While working as a deportation officer, he got permission to open a hair salon and he promised his superiors that he would not hire illegals. Well, he hired his illegal immigrant girlfriend (maybe he considered that an exception) .  He paid his workers in cash, and he did not fill out the employment form (I-9). He made a mockery of the system he was sworn as an officer to protect.   See New York Times headline here...

He got at least 7 illegals employment authorization cards based on the temporary protected status program. The problem is that none of the illegals were from those designated countries. He took corruption to a higher level. See story from the Feds over here....

He was probably bored with his job and wanted to add some excitement to his life. However, this behavior will lead him to a very restricted life behind bars where he will be sleeping on a bunk bed in a room with 12 guys snoring and farting.  If he is lucky, he will earn 10 cents an hour and luckily, that is not taxable.

He is now charged with accepting bribes, harboring an illegal alien and lying to authorities.
If he takes it to trial and contests the charges, and then he loses, he will be off the streets for a long time. If he takes a plea and accepts responsibility, he will be home sooner. How much will he end up with? I know another ex deportation whom I met in FCI Fort Dix, who got a ten year sentence and is now back with his family.

To see what life is behind bars, go here...

Monday, February 22, 2016

Immigration Lawyer convicted and sentenced to 57 months and is still

Marijan's web page on facebook

advertising as an immigration lawyer. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Mr. Marijan Cvjeticanin is brazen and makes a mockery of the laws of the United States.
Mr. Marijan still advertises that he practices immigration law at
I looked up his case at the US Attorney's office ,NJ and it says he was sentenced to 57 months imprisonment . The article says he was suspended from practicing immigration before the immigration courts, and Homeland Security as of November 2, 2015 so how can he advertise to the public??? I just don't get it. See story here from the Federal Government...

The article says he used to work for the prestigious law firm of Wildes and Wineberg but was fired because he stole money from clients who gave him advertisement money. What do you mean? When you file a green card you are supposed to advertise in a local newspaper that you are not taking jobs away from Americans. Companies paid him to advertise but he just pocketed the money. How do I know about this? I read it in the article and I was an immigration lawyer too. I was disbarred and spent time in jail for immigration fraud and I do not practice law anymore nor do I advertise to the public. I would rather be homeless than sit in jail.  That is why I don't understand the thinking of Mr. Marijan Cvjeticanin of Croatia. He has to learn to let go. This story defies logic and reason. For God's sake Mr. Cvjeticanin, please let go. Please face reality.

To see what he can expect in jail, see my true crime story at Prison, What To Expect at...


Tax Preparer sentenced to 9 years or 108 months

Tell me, what can a tax preparer do so wrong to get hit with a 9  year federal prison sentence?
Well, he defrauded the government and the government hit him back. What was the fraud? It was a sophisticated scheme but when you make money dishonestly, you will lose it and be proved a fool as noted by Jeremiah 17:11. This is the way of the world. What did he do wrong? Mr. Noel Cuello bribed a New York City Fraud Investigator with the New York Human Resources Administration who gave Cuello social security numbers and names associated with infant children. He then used that information to file thousands of false tax returns to obtain the Earned Income Tax Credit (“EITC”), which is available to qualifying low and moderate income working individuals and families. See full story here... Mr. Cuello has to forfeit 3.5 million dollars and has a restitution of 3.5 million dollars.

Six people in this scheme were sentenced to between 36 months and 108 months. As per the Fraud Investigator, Francisco Abreu, he is being sentenced last by the Hon. Naomi Rice Buchwald. That tells me that he was cooperating and or assisted the government substantially.

So the $64,000 question is how did the government crack this case? It does not say. I can assume that maybe someone in HRA noticed something funny and ratted out Mr. Abreu. Or, maybe the feds got wind of something when the real families of the children complained about refund money they never received since the refund money was sent to fictitious filers. If I would have to guess, the investigation probably started from complainers.

I am no stranger to prison as I sat 1316 days in seven institutions for immigration fraud and trust me, it was no picnic. The toughest part is being away from family and loved ones and you are treated like a child.

To read my story , go here...

Kalamazoo Killer

Accused mass killer Jason Dalton appeared in court Monday.
Jason Dalton, facing life in prison for mass murder

An uber driver went on a mass killing spree this weekend, killing 6 persons and wounding others in what apparently was random targets. See story here...

What made this person snap? People who knew the killer said he was easy going, and he was working for progressive insurance. So what went wrong? The killer was not killed or did not kill himself so truth may come out in the future.

How can you tell if someone is going to snap? How can we stop such senseless killings? Will stricter gun laws make a difference?

Hopefully, in the near future, truth will come out. It won't bring back the lives of the people that were taken away, but perhaps some how a lesson can be learned where we can save lives in the future.

I am no stranger to prison as I myself sat for 1316 days and I did sit with dangerous persons and killers too, especially awaiting extradition from Toronto. Although I was white collar, they throw everyone in the mix. In Toronto, I noticed at least one person who said he was there for manslaughter, a guy named, Casey, had an explosive temper. That perhaps was a clue in his life. For Mr. Dalton, perhaps in time he will reveal why he did what he did. In the meantime, six families are suffering the loss of their loved ones.

To see my story go here...


Ms.New Jersey 2013 dies of car crash wounds

the late Carra McCollum
They say only the good die young, as noted by Billy Joel. In this case, the NY Daily News reports that Cara McCollum , formerly of Arkansas was fatally injured when she was driving too fast in her ford mustang, lost control and hit some trees. She was only 24 years old.  The name McCollum sounds Scottish. See story here...

The reality is that the angel of death does not discriminate whether you are 1 day old or 100 years of age. If it is your time to go, you will be taken. Everything in life happens so fast, it is sometimes scary....

I am  no stranger to fatal car crashes as my mother was killed when my father was driving us up to Toronto back in April 21, 1978.

I wrote about in a short story here,,,,it was 28 years ago and it was just like yesterday...

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Alleged Child Porn Pervert was my bunki

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi
NYPD Sergeant Alberto Randazzo, facing sex charges...courtesy NY Daily News

I was reading NY Daily News and I was surprised to see someone I knew making the news and that was disgraced NYPD Sergeant Alberto Randazzo. He was my bunki at MDC, Brooklyn, 7 North, while I was waiting to be transferred to Otisville back in August -September 2014. As per manners, you could not ask for a nicer bunki. He is a well mannered and courteous individual. I used to play a lot of chess games with him.  He did express remorse for his crime and he said he became that way out of an addiction.  When I was with him, he did have a girlfriend who was coming to see him. I personally would give him a break, provided he can be treated for his personal issues. In my opinion, 15 years is way too many just for looking at pictures.  Treat his problem as if it was an addiction.

See story from Daily News here...

Alberto Randazzo, sitting at MDC, Brooklyn

He has been at MDC, Brooklyn, for several years....what a horrible life.... it is a basically a converted warehouse... you never touch the ground....

Eventhough I was there for a white collar crime, the government will put you in jail with all kind of criminals, from bank robbers, drug dealers, to child perverts. A criminal has no special label in prison.

To see my story, go here...