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Suffolk County Conservative Party Chairman Edward Walsh Guilty In Scheme To Defraud The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office

Edward Walsh enters the FBI field office in
Edward M Walsh, Jr. courtesy Newsday
According to the US Attorney's office, Eastern District, "Late this afternoon, following three weeks of trial, a federal jury in Central Islip, returned a guilty verdict against Suffolk County Conservative Party Chairman Edward M. Walsh, Jr., on charges that he engaged in a scheme to steal wages for regular and overtime hours in connection with his employment with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO).  The jury convicted the defendant of both counts of an indictment charging him with theft of government funds and wire fraud, in violation of Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 666 and 1343, respectively.   
The verdict was announced by Robert L. Capers, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and Diego Rodriguez, Assistant Director-in-Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Office (FBI).
At trial, the government successfully proved that from January 2011 to April 2014, Walsh, a SCSO Correction Officer III Investigator, falsely represented to the SCSO that he had worked certain regular and overtime hours when, in fact, he did not work those hours.  Contrary to his representations, the government successfully established that Walsh was, among other things, playing golf, gambling at Foxwoods Casino, or performing work on behalf of the Suffolk County Conservative Party.  In reliance on Walsh’s false representations, the SCSO paid Walsh wages for hours he did not work.  At trial, investigators estimated that Walsh was paid more than $200,000 for regular and overtime hours he did not work. 
“Today’s verdict once again establishes that no one person is above the law.  Edward Walsh abused his position and authority as a political boss to steal from taxpayers in order to fund his personal and political activities.  Now he will be held accountable for his actions,” stated United States Attorney Capers.  “We and our partners in the FBI will continue to root out government corruption and fraud wherever we find it.” 

How much time will he receive in prison? It all depends on the sentencing guideline and what points they hit him with, among other factors. If he would have plead guilty, he would have gotten a three point reduction and certainly face less time. I estimate that he may sit for a few years.

The way newspapers described him as a bully it means that he may have stepped on toes and someone may have ratted him out. When you rise to power, there are a lot jealous people out there who will look for faults to take you down and trust me, we are only human, no one is perfect.

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Pennsylvania Man convicted in Tax Fraud case

Kirbride Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

According to the Justice Department...."A federal jury sitting in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania returned a guilty verdict today against an Aldan, Pennsylvania, man on charges related to a tax fraud scheme, announced the Department of Justice. Jean Baptiste Alvarez, aka Alex, 43, was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud the United States with respect to false claims, aggravated identity theft and misuse of social security numbers.  U.S. District Court Judge Michael Baylson scheduled a sentencing hearing for July 26. 
Alvarez faces a statutory mandatory minimum sentence of at least two years in prison with a maximum possible sentence of 24 years in prison, up to three years of supervised release, a possible fine and a $500 special assessment.
According to evidence presented at trial, Alvarez unlawfully provided to Peterson Rene, charged elsewhere, the personal identifying information (PII) of hundreds of real persons.  Specifically, Alvarez sold Rene patient information labeled “census sheets” that were created by and kept in the normal course of business, at the Kirkbride Center health care facility where the defendant worked.  These “census sheets” list PII of patients, including names, social security numbers and dates of birth.  From 2012 through 2015, Alvarez and Rene conspired with others to use the stolen identifying information on tax returns for the purpose of obtaining payment of false, fictitious and fraudulent tax refunds.
The case was investigated by IRS-Criminal Investigation, the FBI and the Office of Inspector General-Social Security Administration.  It is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Terri A. Marinari and Trial Attorney Ann M. Cherry of the Justice Department’s Tax Division." See story here...

The story does not say the dollar amount that the scheme illegally profited  which will determine the amount of time Mr. Alvarez will sit in prison.  Also, it does not say how they found out about the scheme. 
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Two Plead guilty to insider trading

New Jersey US Attorney Paul J. Fishman, courtesy, NY Post

According to the US Attorney in New Jersey,"TRENTON, N.J. - Two day traders today admitted participating in a multi-year insider trading scheme that made over $3.9 million in illicit profits by exploiting material information in violation of confidentiality agreements, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.
Ronald Chernin, 67, of Oak Park, California, and Steven Costantin, 55, of Farmingdale, New Jersey, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Michael A. Shipp in Trenton federal court to separate informations charging them each with one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and one count of securities fraud.
According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court:
Chernin and Costantin worked as day traders for Costantin’s brother-in-law, Steven Fishoff, 58, of Westlake Village, California. Between May 2010 and August 2013, Chernin, Costantin, and Fishoff, as well as a business associate referred to as “Trader A,” expressed interest in participating in numerous stocks offerings by publicly traded companies.
Chernin, Costantin, and other members of the day trading operation falsely characterized their trading entities as legitimate, full-service financial management firms with as much as $150 million in assets under management, in order to increase the likelihood that the investment bankers would solicit them to participate in the stock offerings.
Before providing confidential information concerning the companies or the terms of the proposed sales, the investment bankers first required that Chernin, Costantin, Fishoff, Trader A, and their associated trading entities, enter into confidentiality or “wall-crossing” agreements whereby they agreed not to disclose or trade on the inside information and were brought “over the wall” for the narrow purpose of determining whether to purchase the offered securities. To see the rest of the story go here..
Steven Fishoff

Steven Fishoff on Facebook
Fishoff is also indicted but has not taken a plea. He calls himself self employed on his facebook page.
There are no pink shirts in prison, only khaki, green, orange and browns.
With these guys taking a plea, it puts Fishoff in a corner, because either he also flies the white flag of surrender and takes a plea or he goes to trial. If he wins, he walks away a free man. If he loses, he can do serious time since the govt claims the trio made 3.9 million dollars. If he takes a plea, he gets a three point reduction on the sentencing guideline.  See story from the NY Post from last year....

ABC News got it wrong about Joe Giudice in Prison

this is how emails look like, coming in from prison

What do I mean? They said that Joe Giudice will not have access to the internet. That is not true.
He will have access to emails through the system called Corrlinks on a daily basis, although limited to on and off hours from 6 AM till 11:30 PM. See ABC news story here....

Basically the government monitors all of your email activity. The party that you email to must accept your email. An I phone or smart phone can see your emails anytime of the day. There is an app that you can download. Emails are not free. When I was there each minute costs five cents and you buy trulinks to buy time. You pay from your trust account. You can buy 20 trulinks for a dollar or 100 trulinks for 5 dollars. I say that emails are important as you need to be in touch with the outside world as much as possible. I emailed my wife and friends on a daily basis. Trust me, you look forward to having messages, even a simple hello can make your day.
FCI Fort Dix from the air

It also does not say if he is in the camp or the low. When you first enter prison at Fort Dix, they call it the walk of shame, since they close off the road and lock the fenced passageway on both sides of the street so the person can walk all by himself and be gawked at like a gauntlet by inmates on both sides of the fence. It is very stressful because here you are walking in with street clothes and you are surrounded on two sides by perhaps hundreds of guys in khakis. It is a strange feeling indeed.  Based on the information that he may be deportable to Italy, it means that if he has a public safety factor, then they will keep him in the low institution. They kept me 13 months in FCI Fort Dix till I proved to them that I was not an "alien" but a US Citizen. I had to go R & D and speak to the officers who deal with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). You have to have patience since you are not only dealing with a bureaucracy, but you are in prison with limited rights. I had an outside organization called Aleph Institute make calls on my behalf to speed up the process. It took actually five months to get me transferred to a camp. When I first got there I was trying to transfer back to Canada to finish up my time there and save time. In Canada you only do 66 percent. When I got rejected by the Justice Department in Washington, DC, I then started the paperwork process to get me transferred to a camp and I ended up in Otisville which is probably the top 5 prisons in the country and definitely the best place for an Orthodox Jew. Why? Because of the food. And that is another ABC News got wrong. The food in prison sucks. Half the meals are saw dust. They follow some menu out of Washington DC written by some bureaucrat who probably never went to a restaurant in his/her life. They just potch together some spices on low grade food and serve it. However, in Otisville, the inmates ate well over there because a Chinese guy named Sun was the chef and he was a chef on the outside and when he was in the kitchen, and that was a few times a week, everyone came for the meal. The BOP gives a lot of bean meals so they can save money and those meals are good for a dog. When he left, the food went back to pot (not pot but a figurative expression).

Also, you don't have the dinner meal served at 4 PM. That is absolutely wrong. Why? Because the stand up count is first 4 PM. The time they count seven buildings, it is over by 4:30 PM and sometimes even later if they mess up the count and that does happen and then you have to wait in line in that they space who can come in the kitchen, a building of inmates at a time as you don't want a riot on the food line. Each building houses between 300-400 people. Meals (Supper time) start about 5:00 PM. The time the last building is served, it is about 6 PM. Remember, two kitchens are serving 2300 inmates. It does not take thirty seconds but at least an hour to serve everyone. I sometimes waited on line 20 minutes just to get my microwaved meal. Meals start about 5:00 PM.  Each week the buildings get ranked in terms of cleanliness and the more cleanliness, the building goes earlier to the dining room.

I ate meal mart frozen meals that I had to microwave. Some of them were horrible, like the fish, that stank like stale blood. In Italian, you call it descratz, or disgusting. They also served some meals from a caterer in Florida and those were inedible as it was eggs filled with water. So anyone who says the food was great in jail is basically lying to you.

The visits are terrible too. You have to sit in a plastic chair the length of the visit. Bathroom is every two hours. If you have to go in between, then the visit is terminated. You cannot put your arms around your man or woman during the visit. That is called inappropriate. You can only hug when your'e visitor arrives and leaves. And don't even think of kissing during the visit, they will terminate your visit immediately. That is FCI Fort Dix. Remember, I lived it. I did not get this information from a third party. You are getting it from a direct source.  

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Wedding Anniversary to Hell

incident happened flying out from Honolulu, Hawaii  

As noted on a local website, a 40 year wedding anniversary trip turned into a nightmare as the old Korean man of 72 years flipped his lid on a flight from Honolulu to South Korea, making a rucus on the airline and now is a detention center in Hawaii. See story here...

Being in a detention center is hell on earth, especially for an elderly man who probably needs mental help more than anything else.

I met another person at FCI Fort Dix, who made a ruckus on an airplane who got 8 months.

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Culinary Student has a job waiting for him in Prison

Reuben McLaughlin was attending culinary school by world renowned restaurateur Claus Meyer when he was sentenced to 51 months behind bars.
Bank Robber has job waiting for him in prison

A story came out of the NY Daily News that a culinary student that fell behind in rent decided to make money the old fashioned way by robbing 6 banks. See story here...

If there is one job that is always needed in prison, it is someone who is good in the kitchen. So Mr. 

Reuben McLaughlin, 25 years old, will most likely end up being a chef where ever the BOP sends him. Remember, he does not have to worry about paying any bills in prison and the best part of it is that he can perfect his culinary cooking so that when he comes out, he can find a job as a chef, with the resume boasting that he fed thousands of mouths with mouth watering foods. If he desires to hustle, he may decide to steal food from the cookie jar. However, if the cops catch him they may send him into the SHU (SOLITARY CONFINEMENT) and trust me, he won't like it there. His life as catch me if you can is over for now.

Wait a minute, it shows him released, what does that mean? He probably bailed out the first time he got picked up and most likely will voluntarily surrender. If he decides to abscond, that will  bode ill for him as then instead of 51 months, he will probably end up with 102 months and trust me, the Marshals are good at hunting people down. As the saying goes, don't mess with Texas, don't mess with the feds either.

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Is this the greatest injustice in the world?

Image result for sholom rubashkin
Shalom Rubashkin

is this the greatest injustice in the world?

This is the latest news on the Rubashkin case. Every line is shocking reading. Every American should read this story and demand justice.
Imagine you do a white collar crime and you are forced to live with the most dangerous people in the world?
Scary isn't it but unfortunately, it is the truth. This has become the life of Shalom Rubashkin. How can I say that? Since I sat also in MDC, Brooklyn, which houses dropouts who head to Otisville Medium.They are people convicted of violence and other dangerous crimes. Many have nazi tatoos. This is what Rubashkin has to live with. When I was in the camp in Otisville, I heard from a Corrections Officer that the medium was on lockdown because of a violent event. So if anyone says otherwise, they are talking nonsense. I speak the truth and from my heart.

How can this happen in the greatest democracy in the world? Please oh Lord, Justice Justice thou Shalt Pursue as noted in Deuteronomy 16:20. 
To read what prison life is like go here...and of course, the part of the camp does not apply to Rubashkin. The way it is now, he is not eligible for camp for at least another six years. 

Texan charged by US Attorney in NY over computer hacking

David W. Kent, as noted on his facebook page

This is breaking news for today, a hacking story the size of Texas...."Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Diego Rodriguez, Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced today that DAVID W. KENT, the founder of professional networking website (“Oilpro”), was arrested for charges relating to computer hacking and wire fraud.  The charges stem from KENT’s alleged role in repeatedly hacking into a competitor’s database to steal customer information and attempting to sell Oilpro to the same company whose database KENT had hacked.  KENT was arrested by FBI agents in Spring, Texas, this morning and will be presented before U.S. Magistrate Judge Dena Palermo in Houston this afternoon.
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said:  “As alleged, David Kent hacked into a competitor’s database and stole information from over 700,000 customer accounts.  Later he allegedly tried to use the proprietary information to defraud that same company. Thanks to the efforts of our law enforcement partners at the FBI, David Kent will now be held to account for his criminal conduct.”           
FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Diego Rodriquez said:   “In this case, a profitable business was sold for approximately $51 million.  Allegedly, however, instead of relinquishing control of his former company, subject David Kent continued to illegally access data and information from his former business to help benefit a competing business he formed after the sale.  Unauthorized access to a protected computer system is a federal crime.  The FBI will investigate and bring to justice criminal actors who commit computer intrusions, whether the unauthorized access is to a personal computer or a corporate server.”
David W. Kent
I don't understand what this person was thinking? Imagine if you are given 51 million dollars by a company that bought your business. Would you go ahead and hack into it to steal that company's customer database? Maybe Mr. Kent lost most of the money? Maybe he only got shares worth 5 1 million dollars?  How many people sell a business for 51 million dollars ? This is a lifetime dream and then you go ahead and try to steal from your competition? This story is mind boggling.  You are going from the top of the world into the pit of prison. Help. This story needs analysis. Maybe he needs psychological help?
How the feds broke this story it does not say. I assume that some where down the line the competition found out and contacted the feds. Imagine you bought a house and the old owner attempts to sneakingly steal it from you. Would you allow that??? The guy looks highly intelligent. Why in the world would he do something like that?   
In any event, if he ends up in prison, this is what he can expect....

Mount Vernon Tax Preparer charged with fraud

35 Colonial Place - Mt. Vernon, New York 10550
Samuel Gentle operates Gen Gen Accounting

According to the US Attorney, Preet Bharara,, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Shantelle P. Kitchen, Special Agent in Charge of the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation (“IRS-CI”),  "announced today the unsealing of a 50-count Indictment of tax preparer SAMUEL GENTLE on charges relating to his false and fraudulent preparation of individual income tax returns for his clients.  According to the Indictment, the loss from GENTLE’s conduct exceeded $630,000.  GENTLE was arraigned today in White Plains federal court before U.S. Magistrate Judge Judith C. McCarthy.  The case is assigned to U.S. District Judge Cathy Seibel.
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said:  “As alleged, Samuel Gentle abused his position of trust as a tax preparer by systematically assisting taxpayers in filing false and fraudulent returns.  Today’s charges underscore our commitment to pursuing and prosecuting individuals who seek to enable and encourage tax fraud.”

35 Colonial Place - Mt. Vernon, New York 10550

IRS-CI Special Agent in Charge Shantelle P. Kitchen said:  “About 60 percent of American taxpayers use tax professionals to prepare their tax returns.  Fortunately, most tax professionals are reputable and prepare accurate and honest returns for their clients.  IRS Criminal Investigation is responsible for investigating unscrupulous tax return preparers and, working with the United States Attorney’s Office, seeing that they are prosecuted.  I stress the importance of choosing your preparer carefully.  Ask him or her questions about your return and use your common sense in evaluating the answers you receive.”
The government sent in an under cover IRS agent as a client and Mr.  Gentle, "included false and fraudulent deductions for business expenses and gifts to charity on the tax return he prepared for the undercover agent. " The problem is that Mr. Gentle did it without receiving any supporting documentation. He allegedly just made up deductions out of thin air.
How the government figured out that Mr. Gentle was cheating the system it does not say. I can assume it may have come from an audit of one of his clients and then the client spilled the beans and ratted out Mr. Gentle. Lucky for Mr. Gentle that the alleged fraud was not in the millions and then it would be a lot worse for him.
Will Mr. Gentle, 59 years old, end up in jail? It depends. If he goes to trial and loses, he will get hammered. If he takes a plea, he can get up to a three point deduction on the guideline chart.  I can guess that he may get from probation to a few years. It depends on the sentencing guideline and what deal his lawyer would work out with the government. It also depends on 18 USC 3553 factors. The last one to decide his fate is the Judge. Being that it is a white collar crime, if he gets jail time, he would most likely end up in a camp and if it were me, I would ask for a recommendation to go to Otisville. The Judge can only recommend. The one to decide is the Bureau of Prisons. If he has medical issues , he would end up in a medical facility. 
If he ends up in prison, and I hope he does not since he is an older person, this is what he can expect....

immigrants and criminal justice in USA

Image result for statue of liberty
welcome only immigrants, not criminal imigrants 

A story appeared in the NY Daily news that chronicled the life of several immigrants who got caught up in the criminal justice system by committing crimes. See story here....

It is sort of Ironic that the current President of the United States, Barak Obama, who himself is a son of a foreigner, has made it a top priority to deport criminal immigrants and has deported the most immigrants, up by 80%, without differentiating between turnstile jumpers and murderers. So basically, if you are a legal immigrant in this country and committed a crime decades ago and lived a good and honest life since then, you are a target of deportation.

I guess the only real way of turning this around is to put pressure from the grass roots, from the local population to calling on Congress to change the law and to write to the White House and voice concern to change the policy.

I spent time in jail for immigration fraud as I was an immigration lawyer. Being that I am also a US Citizen, I was not deportable and of course I was remorseful in breaking the law. However, I came across many immigrants in jail who were deportable.

When I was at MCC, I met several criminals who returned to MCC, NY before being sent back to their home country.

I feel that if someone is truly remorseful, then even a criminal immigrant should get a second chance. Remember, if we look back at our founding fathers, they all left England to come for a better life and if the United Kingdom would have won the war in 1776, they would have been all tried as criminals.
So lets remember our humble roots and help our fellow man.

When I was in prison, all of the immigrant prisoners did the manual labor work, from working in the kitchen to working on the grounds, it did not matter if you were born here or abroad, everybody had to work.

To read more of  my prison story, go here and thanks for stopping by....

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Man deported gets rearrested again

SErgio Coronado Mata Latino.jpg
Sergio Coronado-Mata, courtesy

This probably happens every day but what is unique about this story is that the guy sat 11 years in an
Arizona Prison and he still came back. How desperate are some people... See story here....

Now he will do time in a Federal Prison.

To see what he is facing, go here...

New Jersey Polish man charged with illegal possession of machine guns

According to the US Attorney, NJ, "a Ringwood, New Jersey, man will appear in federal court today to face charges that he possessed 17 machine guns, which are illegal under federal law, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced. Mariusz Cebula, 36, is charged by complaint with knowingly possessing machine guns, which are defined as weapons that can shoot more than one shot automatically, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger. Cebula was arrested yesterday by federal agents and will appear this afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael A. Hammer in Newark federal court."
See story here...

He faces up to 10 years imprisonment. The name sounds Polish. I don't understand this case. It says the cops went to his house to serve him with a temporary restraining order and then they discovered his arsenal. No one knew about this previously? Did he have a record? Is he legal in this country? Does he speak English? Did anyone ever explain to him that you cannot possess machine guns unless I assume, he was part of law enforcement? This case has more questions than answers. If he were Pakistani, this story would have made front page news. 

Cebula's arsenal
Okay, the story becomes a little clearer after  I read an article from He did possess a firearms permit but he did not posses a permit for automatic weapons so some where along the way he crossed the line.  Cops were called in over  domestic violence restraining order.  

He appears to be a general contractor,,,,,

Well, since he may end up in the slammer, this is what he can expect in prison....


Guidance Counselor will need a lot of counseling

Mr. Capuano is in custody in the human warehouse known as MDC

According to the US Attorney, EDNY, "Earlier today, John Capuano, a New York City school guidance counselor and teacher’s union representative, pled guilty at the federal courthouse in Central Islip, New York, to Transportation of Child Pornography in Interstate and Foreign Commerce.  Today’s plea proceeding took place before United States Magistrate Judge Gary R. Brown.  At sentencing, Capuano faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum of 20 years.
The guilty plea was announced by Robert L. Capers, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.
“Protecting the vulnerable, particularly children, is a priority for law enforcement and this Office,” stated United States Attorney Capers.  “This crime was particularly egregious in that Capuano was a school guidance counselor entrusted with ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children while he at the same time was victimizing them by distributing images of child pornography.”  Mr. Capers thanked the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), for its assistance in the investigation."
He is currently in MDC Brooklyn. After sentencing he will most likely be sent to FCI Fort Dix, NJ where there are a substantial amount of chomos (sex offenders). Will his life be in danger? Yes.  How do I know that? Since I was in Fort Dix and some chomos got attacked.

To read more about life in federal prison go here...


Defendant pleads guilty in extortion and firearms charges

File:120 Precinct Richmond Terrace jeh.jpg
120th precint, Staten Island, where Llakatura was assigned

According to the US Attorney, EDNY, "Yesterday, at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, Denis Nikolla pleaded guilty to two counts of Hobbs Act extortion conspiracy, one count of threatening physical violence in furtherance of an extortion plan, and one count of brandishing a firearm.  The proceeding took place before United States District Judge Eric N. Vitaliano.  When sentenced, Nikolla faces up to life in prison and a mandatory minimum sentence of seven years.  One of his co-defendants, Besnik Llakatura, who served as a police officer with the New York City Police Department during the charged crimes, previously pleaded guilty in this case. "  See full story here....

Basically several defendants were involved in shaking down nightclubs and restaurants for "protection money" and if they did not pay, they would shove a gun into the owner's ribs to show that they meant business. They collected up to $4,000.00 a month from stores.

When I first read the headline I did not realize that I knew someone from this case until I actually read the story the next day. It talks about a cop from Staten Island who played the good guy, and who was part of the extortion team and this former cop, Besnik Llakatura, I met at MDC Brooklyn when I was waiting for transfer to the camp at Otisville. He was in same the unit as other corrupt law enforcement officials. He used to play a lot of chess while I was there back in the summer of 2014. It is strange when I looked up his name on the inmate locator, it does not come up. Maybe the BOP spells it differently or they are protecting him for his own safety. In any event, I read that he took a plea. See story here...

The victim and defendants were of Albanian descent.

He never really discussed his case with me but I realized he did something bad to end up in MDC. Brooklyn.  He told me that he was a former cop working out of the 120 precint.  He used to hang out with the other former cops at 7 North, MDC.  Either he was too proud or too embarrassed to tell me exactly what he did.  I don't see a picture of him. He was kind of light skin, tall, lanky and bald. 

Hopefully he learned from his bad ways and is remorseful and the judge will cut him a break.

To read more what I went through in  jail, go here....

Rubashkin's Brief was filed

Image result for sholom mordechai rubashkin
Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin in earlier days
According to Yated Ne'eman newspaper , "Earlier today a “Merits Brief” was filed in Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s 2255 proceeding. This brief is the culmination of almost three years of investigation during which Sholom’s lawyers obtained irrefutable evidence that (1) the prosecutors wrongfully interfered in the Agriprocessors bankruptcy intimidating potential buyers and thereby substantially decreasing the ultimate sale price and (2) at Sholom’s sentencing, the prosecutors knowingly put on false testimony to conceal the impact their actions had on the loss incurred by the victim bank thereby misleading the judge into laying the blame on Sholom and sentencing him to 27 years in prison. " To see full story, go here...

Mr. Rubashkin is not sitting in a camp, which is relatively safer compared to the other prisons. He is sitting in Otisville Medium, which houses people serving life sentences. It also has dropouts , or former gang members who claim to give up the affiliations with gang memberships. How do I know that? Since I met these dropouts in MDC, Brooklyn, pending my transfer to the camp at Otisville. 
The dropouts I met were full of tattoos, some of them with nazi swastikas. Imagine a man with a beard and peyos like Rubashkin sitting with these people. I personally would be on edge the whole day. Moreover, when I was in the camp, I vividly remember a CO telling us that the medium is on lockdown because of a stabbing. So what does this tell us? You commit a white collar crime and your life is in real danger of serious injury or death. Such is American Justice from the medinah shel rachamim (country of mercy). So why is he not in a camp? Because you cannot be in a camp if you have over 120 months to serve and he is down only like 7 years out of a 27 year sentence. If he were sentenced in New York, he would probably receive a prison sentence between 5 and 10 years. This story has to make people think twice where you set up your business to make your money because at the end of the day, it may come back to haunt you.

I pray to Hashem everyday that he is set free. 

I was 1316 days in prison in seven institutions. To see my story , please go here and thanks for stopping by...

Monday, March 28, 2016

Malian national pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit murder

the late William Bultemeier, killed by the defendant, courtesy NY Post

According to the US Attorney's office, EDNY, "Earlier today, Alhassane Ould Mohamed, also known as “Cheibani,” a citizen of Mali, pled guilty at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, to conspiring to murder a United States diplomat stationed in Niamey, Niger, in December 2000. " See story here...

"According to court filings and facts presented during the plea proceeding, in the early morning hours of December 23, 2000, the defendant and a co-conspirator accosted a group of employees of the United States Embassy in Niger as they left a restaurant in Niamey, Niger.  Carrying a pistol and an AK-47 assault rifle, the two men approached Department of Defense official William Bultemeier as he was about to enter his car, a white sport-utility vehicle bearing diplomatic license plates clearly indicating that it belonged to the United States Embassy.  After demanding that Mr. Bultemeier turn over the keys to the diplomatic vehicle, the defendant and his co-conspirator shot Mr. Bultemeier and Staff Sergeant Christopher McNeely, the Marine Detachment Commander for the United States Embassy in Niger at the time, who had run to Mr. Bultemeier’s aid.  The defendant and his fellow assailant then drove away in the United States Embassy vehicle.
Mr. Bultemeier died of the injuries inflicted by the gunshot wounds.  Staff Sergeant McNeely survived the shooting, and later retired from the Marine Corps as a Master Sergeant.
Today’s plea took place before United States District Judge William F. Kuntz, II.  When sentenced on April 26, 2016, the defendant faces an agreed-upon term of 25 years’ imprisonment."
Someone gets intentionally murdered and the murderer only gets 25 years? Does this make sense?

It is obvious from the story that Mali agreed to extradite the defendant to the USA provided he does not get the death penalty or life in jail. Being that the defendant is currently 45 years old, he will be about 67 years old when he is deported back to Mali as he must do 87.5 percent of the allotted time pursuant to Federal law.  He is currently in the hell hole known as MCC, Manhattan, a detention center that I was incarcerated in for 15 months. 

To learn more what he is facing in prison, please go here.... 

Ex President of Honduras admits to taking bribes

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ex president Rafael Callejas of Honduras takes a plea

According to the US Attorneys Office, EDNY, "Earlier today in federal court in Brooklyn, Rafael Callejas, the president of the Honduran soccer federation (FENAFUTH) from 2002 to 2015, pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy in connection with his receipt of bribes in exchange for the awarding of contracts for the media and marketing rights to FIFA World Cup qualifier matches.  Callejas, who served as the President of the Republic of Honduras from 1990 to 1994, also agreed to forfeit $650,000.  At sentencing, Callejas faces a maximum sentence of 20 years for each count.  Today’s plea proceeding took place before United States Magistrate Judge Robert M. Levy."

Imagine , a former president of a country pleading guilty to taking bribes? What a shocker! Or maybe it is not such a shocker.  Of all of the categories of sinners mentioned in Leviticus, there is only one category of sinner that will sin and that is the leader, where it says, asher nasi yechetah, or when the prince will sin. 
See Leviticus 4:22. The Torah is the blue print of creation and knows the thoughts of man. Like it says in Koheles, there is nothing new under the sun. Like I just said, feds will take anyone down.

Now the man is 72 years old and I hope the Judge has mercy on him. Jail is difficult as it is and surely for a senior citizen.  

What can he expect if sentenced to prison? See my notes....

Three Sikhs Plead Guilty to scheme to defraud banks and credit unions

no parades like this in federal prison..

According to the US Attorneys office, SDNY,  “Through various lies about their employment and income, Binder Tal, Baldev Tal, Shariful Mintu and their co conspirators obtained more than $2.5 million in loans and lines of credit.  The banks and credit unions that the defendants defrauded were left holding the bag when the vast majority of these loans defaulted.  Thanks to the outstanding investigative work of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, and New York State Police Auto Crimes Unit, these defendants will now be held accountable for their crime.”

They applied for loans and lines of credit with false information. I just wonder if these Indians are US  Citizens because at the end of the day if they are not, they may get deported back to India.

In jail, they will not enjoy the stolen money but will regret their lives of living on the high. The scheme lasted around 8 years. How they get caught, the article does not say. Perhaps and this is an educated guess, when they did not pay back the loans the banks started to investigate and eventually ratted them out to the feds.  

It says in Jeremiah 17:11, when you make wealth dishonestly, you will lose it and be proved a fool. This applies to the three Sikh schemers.

To see how they will live a spartan life in federal prison, go here...